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Tax Services used by Drake software  

  Our job is to prepare your taxes. Once we submit them, we no longer have it. It is then with the IRS and State Department of Revenue. You may then check the status of your refund on the website or by calling 800-829-1040 for IRS and 404-417-2300 for GA. state. As for credit repair, We will try to remove, restore, rebuild and repair your credit to the best of our ability. Each situation is handled case by case and varies by the items and individuals on both credit and taxes.

If you think you owe child support, bankruptcy, student loan, back taxes to state and or IRS. Please let me know and you can check to be certain by calling 1-800-304-3107. That number is automated all you need is your social security number.



  What’s needed in order to file taxes:

  1. Copies of drivers license
  2. W-2(s)
  3. Dependents (name/ssn card/d.o.b/sex/relation)
  4. Current mailing address (no p.o.boxes allowed for e-filing)
  5. Vaild email address (secured documents will be emailed)
  6. Bank account & routing number
  7. Mortgage 1098 forms interest/taxes/insurance premium
  8. Bank interest 1098 form
  9. Student loan 1098 form
  10. Gambling winnings only if you received a 1099 for it
  11. 1099’s for self employed(ask for schedule c form) or unemployed
  12. 1099R's for retirement/pension/roths (contributions or withdrawals)
  13. 1099C or A's for debt cancellations
  14. Schedule E info for rental property/repairs/rents received/interest/taxes.
  15. Schedule A info for Medical expenses/Donations/car tag/work expenses

If you worked a job you must file EVERY job you worked.

We are licensed to process and file returns and repair credit in all states.

We will provide you with a soft copy of your return through email. Please keep up with this copy. If you need a hard copy please let me know.

Once, we process your return our signature is our registered PTIN (preparer tax identification number). We are authorized to e-file your return. The bank we are partnered with is called EPS Financial Institute.


  All Fees are determined by the forms filled out. The average amount is usually 200$ more or less. The fees can be deducted from your refund if one is due. You may also pay upfront with cash/credit/check (NSF fee 45$).


I do take 2nd looks 3 years back. If an adjustment is needed, I will do so for a fee of 225$ (paid upfront). I will need the original tax return (1040 and all schedules) or a transcript from the IRS. Please allow 8-12 weeks for processing with the IRS. They will then send you a paper check or any requested information. All correspondence is between you and the IRS unless we are your POA or 3rd party representation on file with the IRS.


I will assist in gathering/organizing and providing information requested from the IRS if I can. I will also attend field audits if needed. Please fax (1-877-308-1170) all correspondence from IRS to me as soon as you can. The sooner, the better. This prevents many added penalties and interest from occuring.All correspondence is between you and the IRS unless we are your POA or 3rd party representation on file with the IRS.


I will assist in correcting or completing all w4 & 9's in any state.